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Thread: Creative SB0220 Driver for Win XP

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    Creative SB0220 Driver for Win XP

    There is no audio on my system. I am using Creative SB0220 soundcard. I am unable to find drivers for it. Due to virus I had formatted the system. I was having a old driver cd which fails to work. Somehow I was able to find the lan drivers. When I installed it, through windows update I got the video drivers also. But there is no sound. Can anyone provide me the download link of sound driver also.

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    Re: Creative SB0220 Driver for Win XP

    The audio driver is provided on the official website of Creative. Just search that on Google. You willy only not get the drivers if Creative has discontinued the product. Then the only way to find the drivers is to locate some popular driver download website which maintain database of almost all hardware.

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    Re: Creative SB0220 Driver for Win XP

    The card is not having any drivers. I checked the same on Creative site. It looks it is discontinued. But there are some file sharing website where you can find the drivers. Just search on Google Creative SB0220 Driver download. The top results will be from file sharing website. You can download the drivers and this time keep a bacukp with you.

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    Re: Creative SB0220 Driver for Win XP

    hi its gud to have the driver

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    Re: Creative SB0220 Driver for Win XP

    HI people!
    I'm new here around.
    Can anyone please give me a liink in order to get the drivers for my sound blaster 0220?

    I cant find it over the internet.
    Thanks people...
    Form Mozambique

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