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Thread: Error: "specified color profile is invalid"

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    Error: "specified color profile is invalid"

    Hi, i am using Windows XP Service Pack 2 system. I recently bought a new HP Photosmart 7760. But whenever i try to install the same on my system, it ends up with an error message saying:

    "specified color profile is invalid"

    I also have a laptop running with XP SP2 as well and the software gets installed fine on the same. Then whats the problem with my desktop? I tried few troubleshooting such as changing HP Photosmart permissions, PID keys,
    system restore, etc. but nothing helped me to get rid of the same.

    Somebody please help me out of the same? Many Thanks.

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    Re: Error: "specified color profile is invalid"

    Wow, i thought i was along with that error but seems like i got a company. I am facing exactly the same error message with Epson C84 on Windows XP SP2. I am in touch with their tech support. Let see what they suggest to fix it.

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    Re: Error: "specified color profile is invalid"

    I think i got the solution for you both. I was facing this error couple of months ago with my scanner. After troubleshooting i found that my icm32.dll was somehow deleted from the C:\windows\system32 files.

    I took that individual file from my my service pack CD and put in the system32 folder. Thats it. Error gone and everything started working fine. So if you guys want, you can give it a try.

    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Error: "specified color profile is invalid"

    "Printer driver not installed. The specified colour profile is invalid"?

    see above post for information re this problem - Jan 2011.

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