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Thread: How to import Windows Vista Calendar in Windows XP

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    How to import Windows Vista Calendar in Windows XP

    I like windows calendar on Vista. Can it be downloaded or made to run of Windows XP. I had tried to find some import tools but there is nothing much shown. I think there is no way, but if anyone can help me to find the right solution. Thanks.

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    Re: How to import Windows Vista Calendar in Windows XP

    This is not possible. But if you want a free stand-alone calendar that is as good as, or better than Windows Calendar. Even if you can import that anyhow you cannot run that in Windows XP. You will need to find a third party calender tool which can allow you to import Vista calender.

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    Re: How to import Windows Vista Calendar in Windows XP

    There is a tool for this purpose called as XP Calender. XP is a calendar- diary electronic-friendly and easy to use. It is a tool that will quickly become indispensable for managing contacts, appointments and possibly staff of your company. Calendar-XP is in single-user or networked and has a multi-user and multi-station to see the agendas of your employees with a single click. You can create contact cards with instant search by name or company, import text files or Excel, and the software includes a thinking animal with a summary of tasks to do (with time).

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