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Thread: windows xp print spooler service missing

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    windows xp print spooler service missing

    Recently my Windows XP system was infected with Virus and Spywares. Hence used some offline as well as online Spyware removal tools and cleaned up my system. Now everything is working normal and fine except one thing, I am not able to Print anymore from this computer.

    Under Printers I cannot see my printer anymore. When I try to add new Printer, it says that the Spooler service is not running. When I went to services.msc, I cannot see the spooler services listed there. It was before but lost now.

    I have no idea what to do now. Can anyone please tell me how can I get the spooler service back? Many Thanks.

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    same problem - Print Spooler service not found

    I'm having the same problem. The Print Spooler service is not listed in the local services list for my XP Home nor is spoolsv.exe running. I have no idea how to re-install the service and I'd like to avoid a complete re-install of the OS.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: windows xp print spooler service missing

    Hey guys even i am facing a similar problem and looking for help. In my case when i try running "net start spooler" command, i get an error message saying :

    "the system cannot find the file specified".

    No idea what to do. Even tried searching web for help but found nothing. This is Windows XP Service Pack 3. Any help please?

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