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Thread: How to repair a desktop with the help of a laptop?

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    How to repair a desktop with the help of a laptop?

    When there is general instability, random errors or a problem with system rebooting, it becomes necessary to repair your computer system. All these symptoms indicate that you are having problem with your operating system. If your desktop computer has some issue, you can fix it with the aid of a laptop. Copy the operating system files from the laptop to the desktop computer so that the repairing of your operating system is effectively done. You can seek the assistance from an online computer repair service provider in this repairing process.

    Step 1 : First plug in the USB drive in your laptop

    Step 2 : Right click on Start – click on Explore – Computer – C – Windows – right click on i386 folder – choose Copy – click on USB drive – select Paste by right clicking. Aren’t you confident in following these steps? You are always free to take the professional assistance from the technical team.

    Step 3 : Now insert USB drive in your desktop computer.

    Step 4 : Right click on the Start menu > select Explore > click on Computer > USB drive > i386 > double click on winnt.exe. At the end of this step you should be able to launch your system setup for the operating system you are using.

    Step 5 : You will then see the welcome screen when you have to press the Enter key. Then at license agreement, press F8. Then you should highlight the drive having the operating system. After highlighting, press R, so that you cab effectively do the repairing with the help of the laptop files.

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    Re: How to repair a desktop with the help of a laptop?

    Why to run on the long side rather than simply putting the operating system cd in the cd/dvd drive and choosing the repair options. Although the tips could be used when you dont have a operating system in your hand with the i386 folder and the content that is in there for the repair of windows operating system.

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