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Thread: After allowing Windows to update audio drivers, audio is distorted.doesn't work.

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    After allowing Windows to update audio drivers, audio is distorted.doesn't work.

    Hi all. I have an AMD with Windows XP 32bit on it. I have on-board audio and it was using SigamaTel v. 5.10.5208.0. Because I could not get the Everquest in-game voice chat to work properly (it kept dropping me out of the voice channel), I went into device manager and and tried letting Windows search for an update to the Sigmatel audio codec. For some reason, it updated me to something called IDT High Definition Audio CODEC 1.0.5790.2 and now most of my sound is distorted. For example, I was listening to a series of videos on Youtube before updating, and now after the same videos that were crystal clear now have a funny distortion to them, like if you hold two walkie talkies too close together. Some of my MP3s on my computer are not messed up top. Not everything is messed up though; so videos and MP3s still play without distortion.

    I tried going into Sound and Audio Devices but nothing there helped. I did notice that it lists an IDT Audio1 AND an IDT Audio2. Only IDT Audio1 gives any sound through my speakers. Windows Help and Support troubleshooting walk-through didn't help.

    I tried using the rollback feature in Device Manager then got some sort of error after restarting but I don't remember what it was exactly. Something about Intel Audio Manager needing a codec or something. After the rollback I got no sounds what-so-ever and SigamTel wasn't even list under Sounds and Audio Device, only my headset was there. I tried letting Windows update the sound driver twice in a roll but the same thing as before happened with distortion, etc.

    Is there anyway I can just get back to SigmaTel 5.10.5208.0 and have it work? It worked perfectly before I started messing with it; I really should have just left well enough alone.

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    Re: After allowing Windows to update audio drivers, audio is distorted.doesn't work.

    yes may be the driver might be corrupted for sure. so the only thing you can do is that try and remove the particular audio driver. That's what you can do. The best and the simple way by which you can uninstall it is by booting your system in the safe mode and then uninstalling the drivers.

    Until and unless you come across a genuine Microsoft site that provides you the necessary xp drivers for audio. Dont download it.

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