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Thread: Windows XP SP3 does not Detect Network Adapter

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    Windows XP SP3 does not Detect Network Adapter

    Hello guys,

    I have a HP laptop(2011 bought), in wanted to install Windows XP on that.

    I successfully installed Windows XP SP3 on that but some how the Network Adapter doesnot come in Device Manager(no yellow indicators or nothing under installed Network Adapters)

    So i believe it has to do something with Windows XP installation disc not having drivers for latest Hardware...(i got a clue from : tried installing SP2 but got XP Blue screen memory dump error - meaning Hard Drive not getting initialized)

    So do you guys have any idea on this ?

    Please help

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    Re: Windows XP SP3 does not Detect Network Adapter

    Mentioning the exact model no. of your HP Laptop could help us to give you a proper guidance to solve your issue. But still as you mentioned that you have purchased the laptop recently, i would recommend you to contact the nearest HP Care center and submit your laptop there. The tech support of HP would tell you the exact reason for your problem and give you the perfect solution for the same. And also as your laptop is new, you can get benefits of free repairing or replacement (as per the condition of the damage) as your laptop might be still within the warranty period.

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