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Thread: Unable to eject portable HDD in windows 7

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    Unable to eject portable HDD in windows 7

    I recently purchased an external hard drive Western Digital 250 gb. After using it, I am not able to safely remove the drive in windows (the small icon near the clock). Each time an error message comes up telling me that the device is already used by a program and I have already closed all applications that are linked to my hard drive. How to solve this problem? Please help me.

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    Re: Unable to eject portable HDD in windows 7

    What happens when you disconnect the drive after you have shutdown the computer. After restarting the pc and when you connect the external drive again to the computer then are you able to see any data or is it lost? I think that due to some windows services, the drive might be not removable at times and hence you were getting that issue.

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    Re: Unable to eject portable HDD in windows 7

    I think you should to do the following:
    • Click on the triangle in the system tray near the clock showing hidden icons.
    • Click on the icon that corresponds to the safe removal of removable devices.
    • A list of USB devices shows up that you can safely disconnect.
    • At the end click to eject the device you want to remove.

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