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Thread: Windows XP Pro activation is not working after repair

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    Windows XP Pro activation is not working after repair

    My problem is my computer is not getting start into safe command prompt. So, I put in the Windows XP CD and repaired the installation. After that it starts fine, comes up to the login screen and shows message Windows requires to activate in order to run. I click on yes. But nothing happens for long time. Then I understand there might have two problems. One the Windows XP disk I used was not actually for my computer and it was a Windows XP SP2 disk and my system is Windows SP3. So I downloaded Windows XP SP3 on another computer and installed it one more time. In that I able to get only a safe mode command prompt. Safe mode as well as safe mode with network and normal mode all ask for activation then nothing is worked. I am stuck over here if anyone having this solution for this then pleases reply.

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    Re: Windows XP Pro activation is not working after repair

    I have some steps for getting start your system in normal modes that are: first Turn On your computer. Then Press F8 frequently and get in to Safe Mode then Logon as per normal mode. Permits the Desktop to fully load then click on Start and then on Run Type in accurately: rundll32.exe syssetup,SetupOobeBnk and click on OK. Wait for few seconds after that restart your computer normally. Now you can go to Normal Mode again. Now your system is in normal mode.

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    Re: Windows XP Pro activation is not working after repair

    I can understand the problem you are presently experiencing and would like to give you with some self-help options I have used for me. Please use the steps given below as it may resolve your problem. First make sure you log onto the computer experiencing the problem with Administrator privileges. After that I would like to verify that you are running the latest version of the valid Advantage control on your computer. In order to do this please visit official sites and select the Validate Windows option.

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    Re: Windows XP Pro activation is not working after repair

    I think this problem is in the WGA relies on internet explorer, when you trying to do a repair install on a sys with internet explorer 8 it down grades it to internet explorer 6, this action actually split internet explorer all together. For this you need to follow this. Start into safe mode with use of command prompt then run explorer and copy the internet explorer 8 installer from your USB flash drive to the computer. Now run the installer. After the reset the sys should appears and the activation issue will be non existence because it will activate automatically.

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    Re: Windows XP Pro activation is not working after repair

    I had the same problem. I had to do a Windows XP repair reinstall and after that when I tried to load Windows I would get a message that a problem prevented windows from accurately confirming activation and would I like to activate now. But when I click yes, the system would stall and go to a blank desktop. The only way I could get Windows would load was in Safe Mode command prompt. I spent a day trying to figure out what was wrong when I read a few posts about the Internet Explorer problem. Seems the reinstall installed IE 6 over the IE 8 that was on the computer and that was the problem. So I downloaded IE 8 installer on another computer and burned it onto a CD. I then loaded Windows to Safe Mode Command Prompt, started explorer.exe, and installed IE8 from the CD. This solved the problem. Windows loaded normally and the activation screen came up fine when prompted. Hope this helps.

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