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Thread: Session 3 initialization failed?

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    Session 3 initialization failed?

    For a while now our computer kept freezing and the blue screen would come one saying "Kernel Inpage Error" I put in the Setup disc for it but it still kept happening, so I took my computer to go get fixed. So the guy says the computers drivers weren't connected. I went to turn on the computer, and after 30 mins the screen went blue again but this time it said "session 3 initialization failed" and i noticed Avast! was installed as a anitvirus? What do I do next to keep my computer running? Oh and I cant install my speakers

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    Re: Session 3 initialization failed?

    Well if you have installed the updated copy of avast then you are in trouble. Actually avast is the finest of antivirus but it has the tendency to permanently disable the programs which are unauthorized or if it doesn’t find any signature. I am sure in your case the same thing is happening. So the first thing that I want you to do here is that try and run the system in Safe mode and then you have to uninstall the Avast from the system and restart the system and now insert the windows setup disk and try to repair the operating system. I am sure it will work for you and will allow you to get rid of the problem that you are facing

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