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Thread: Problem With Sandisk Cruzer 16GB

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    Problem With Sandisk Cruzer 16GB

    I have a problem with a sandisk cruzer 16gb flash drive that i just got.

    i got it and tried to put some things on it to check it out and the space ran out i then i deleted some things but it still said that no space was free like i didnt delete any thing then i deleted everything on the device and it still sees it like i didnt delete any thing and i have nothing on the device and i cant use it because it thinks that all the space is taken.

    Anybody can help me to solve this problem????!

    Also i pluged it in another computer and it still says all the space is occupied even though i have nothing on it.

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    Re: Problem With Sandisk Cruzer 16GB

    There is one software named as “Unlocker”. Just search for that on internet, download and install that. After that, right click on the icon for your flash drive in my computer. Choose the option unlocker and delete all the running process from that. After that format the flash drive and this time it will completely format your drive without any issue. It is very useful and I always keep this installed on my computer.

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