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Thread: Code 39 Sigma Tel HD Audio Codec

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    Code 39 Sigma Tel HD Audio Codec

    I have no sound on my Dell C521, I have tried to unistall and re-install the driver for the audio codec from the dell download page and still get the code 39 error message, can anyone please help?

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    Re: Code 39 Sigma Tel HD Audio Codec

    The first thing here is that if you are not getting the proper sound on your laptop then please check with the audio manager whether the same is ok I mean see whether the check box preceded by Mute is checked or unchecked and if it is checked then you have to uncheck the same. And if it is ok then you have to try and install the appropriate drivers and then after installing the appropriate driver I am sure you will not get any problems what so ever on the system that you are using.

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