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Thread: c000021a (fatal system error)

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    c000021a (fatal system error)

    hello all:

    i have the above error and cannot get into my pc at all, either safe or any other mode. :( ;(

    My question is simple....I am buying another pc (wanted one anyway), and if I connect my bad drive as a secondary to it, will I be able to access the drive at all to get some data out of it?, or is all lost? !!!

    I feel all is lost. I have tried everything, but this pc has beaten me !

    Also....if I am able to access my messed up drive as a secondary, can the file or malware that destroyed this current drive travel to my new PC??
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    Re: c000021a (fatal system error)

    First thing that I want from you is that you have to make sure that you are purchasing a new PC then I just want you to go with the new hard drive only and donít bother about the secondary one. I am sure if you are attaching the secondary hard drive on the new system then it will affect the same unless and until it is fully formatted.

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