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Thread: will product key for XP media centre work for XP OEM disk?

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    will product key for XP media centre work for XP OEM disk?

    I am using Windows XP OEM disk and I have a laptop with a product key for XP Media Centre? Can anyone tell me if I can use this XP OEM disk to install XP on the laptop? Thanks

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    Do you mean to say that the OEM disk is for your laptop specially and does it have its own product key? If yes then it should work. Otherwise you can try and see what happens. Also your laptop is still working fine? If yes then why do you want to install XP in place of XP Media Center?

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    Windows XP Media Center edition is far to great in class if compared to Windows XP. MCE is a superset of WIndows XP Professional and was only sold as an OEM product - with systems for the most part. You will need to contact the laptop manufacturer or read the manual that came with the laptop to check how you can restore the laptop to its original state.

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