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Thread: PCI device not working?

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    PCI device not working?

    I've got a problem with a PCI device. The Device Manager has the BIG yellow question mark on the PCI device and says that it's not working. Every time I start my computer, it says that new hardware is found but that it can't be installed without the driver. The problem is that I don't even know what the PCI device is. Here's what it says is the Device Instance Id is:


    Can someone tell me what this device is and how I can download a driver for it? I'm also attaching a pic of what it looks like in the Device Manager.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: PCI device not working?

    Looks like some kind of bug associated with drivers or improper registry settings. I will advice you to run system restore first. Then go for the drivers setup back. This time ensure that you had downloaded and installed the most proper drivers. There must be no outdated version or old drivers that can cause the problem. You have to go on the official website of hardware manufacturer to get the right driver updates. Do not install any third party stuff.

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    Yes why don't you simply go the manufacturers website and download the drivers. You can only find the best drivers on the official website. While other third party drivers are simply not worth enough to use. You can try updating the driver manually also but there is no chances that windows might be having database for the same. So just get the official driver or try windows update if you are not able to find anything related to the same.

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    Jose, I went to the; and I submitted a "device info" thing. I'm not sure whether or not I did it correctly, but we'll see.

    SC Tom, I have a desktop with Windows XP Pro with SP2. It was made by an independent person; so it's not a brand name. It's about 6 years old, but it's been a good computer. I added the Radeon HD 2600 Pro video card about a year ago.

    To make a long story short, everything was working fine; but my computer was a running slower than I like; so a couple of days ago, I did some "house cleaning." I put a bunch of large files on a flash drive and deleted the files from the computer. I did a Disk cleanup and ran the defrag.

    When I went to reboot the computer, all I got was a screen that would flash betweet the Intel screen and a black screen. I tried doing a safe boot, but that didn't work either. So I ended up reinstalling Windows. I chose the option to save the old files, and it made me make a file to put them in.

    I reinstalled all the Windows updates and the SP2. I reloaded the drivers for the Radeon HD 2600 Pro, as well as some other drivers that it told me to load. The only one that I'm having trouble with is this "unknown PCI device" one.

    I have sound; so it's weird to me that the problem seems to be "audio." I've disabled the PCI device, and I don't really notice anything that's not functioning; so maybe I'll just have to leave it that way.

    All my hardware was working fine before I did the "house cleaning"; so this just bugs me. I'm a little "anal." Hahahah! I thought it would be easy to just download the driver that I need, but it hasn't been.

    I'm attaching another picture for you to look at. I guess I'm just tired of getting the "new hardware found" message every time I start my computer. But as I said, if I disable the PCI device, I don't get that message.

    I hope all of this makes sense to you. Send any other ideas you may have. They will be welcome.

    Well, I went to the Intel website; and had it scan and detect what chipset I have and whether or not there are any driver updates. I'm attaching pictures of what they said.

    When I downloaded the driver, it was actually a ZIP file with 98 files in in. I have no idea what to do with those files. I burned them on a CD, and I tried doing the "find the driver" function in the device manager; but it still said that it couldn't find it. Actually, I'll attach a pic of those files as well.

    SC Tom -- I ran the Catalyst program a couple of days ago and downloaded the updates that were suggested, but it didn't change anything.

    I don't have the driver disk that came with the computer; so I will do what you suggested with the SIW or Belarc Advisor. Thanks again for all of your help..................Paulette

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    Can you post the model of the pci card. If you can then I can help you to locate the drivers of the same. Or else you can do one more thing. You can download a 3rd party driver updating software like Driver Detective. It can can for pending hardware installed in your system and add the same in your pc. There are ample of automated driver update wizard available on the web that can do your job of location appropriate drive files. Just test the same and then try back. I am sure that will be more helpful.

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    Re: PCI device not working?

    Sometime due to hardware problem such pci card malfunction. There is one more way that can help you to fix the problem you are facing. You can try changing the pci slot on which the card is connected and then installing it back. When you get exclamation mark icon in Device Manager the issue mostly lies due to improper or outdated drivers. And only after proper updates the problem is resolved.

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    Re: PCI device not working?

    PCI device not working
    i have AMD processor ,x-86 family,system model MS 7623,manufacturer MSI.
    just last night i have formatted my PC with windows XP service pack 3 .everything is working fine except a big yellow mark in device manager about PCI DEVICE not working ,,,as a result i have lost sound of my PC...
    PCI VEN number is PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0BE3&SUBSYS_22911462&REV_A1\4&92B7792&0&0110
    plz help asap

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