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Thread: Hibernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

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    Hibernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

    I installed SP3 for XP (again!) recently and this time my Belkin wireless link still worked afterwards. Now the HibernateStandby mode is a problem. I think the hibernate info file is made on hibernation, but I have to select the message 'delete restoration data and proceed with restart?' on startup to get any further. This results in a reboot, which is fine, but I am struggling to find the fix to restore the correct function. It may be the BIOS needs upgrading, but DELL doesn't make that easy for a non-expert. I suspect the hibernate file is either corrupted every time (?) or is not recognised at power on. Any ideas, apart from going back and removing the Service Pack 3 upgrade?

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    Anteaus Guest

    re: Hibernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

    If you are using a Belkin wireless app, this may have replaced msgina.dll,
    which can give rise to a number of startup/logon problems

    In this case the answer is to uninstall the Belkin app (leave the driver)
    and use the Wireless Zero Config service.

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    db Guest

    re: Hibernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

    firstly, you should either use
    standby mode or hibernation
    mode but not both.

    secondly, before hibernating
    see if disabling your modem
    and ensuring any other connection
    to the pc is turned off or disabled.

    then reboot and see if the hibernation
    file works.

    if not go to the virtual memory and
    set it to a custom size.

    initial should be 2 and max can be

    then hibernate and see if you
    can goot up from hibernation.

    also, you can click on start>run>

    powercfg /?

    see if you can ensure that hibernation
    is "on".

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    I have searched the Microsoft Faults database and found a useless page which describes my computer's symptoms exactly. Their advice is to power off and select the delete restoration data option - thanks a lot, MS!!

    Thanks Anteaus and db - I tried disabling the Belkin link then hibernating - same result, although that was not a full uninstall. I have tried the Windows method of installing the wireless link several times in the past and it just won't work, so I think I am stuck with the Belkin installation. I still think the Hiberfil.sys file is corrupt or unavailable on power-on, because the process of restarting gets to the end of the loading progress bars, then shuts down.

    I checked the status of the msgina.dll file. I have four versions on my system, one of which was created when the SP3 was installed. This latest one is located in \WINDOWS\$NTServicePackUninstall$. The msgina.dll file is part of the logon and may have something to do with the problem as it is the same date, but before tinkering with the msgina file, I would like to find out if the hibernate file is the heart of the trouble. This file is deleted when the 'delete restoration etc' option is chosen, and nothing can happen until it is deleted, so I will see if it is accessible from a Safe Reboot. I'll post my findings - if any!

    I have admitted defeat and have now removed the Service Pack 3!! All is presently working as normal. The suggestions received were tried as far as I could, but my printer link started to fail regularly as well. Probably a coincidence but by then I'd had enough.

    Thanks for trying to help. I think I'll wait until Windoze 7 is sorted before I upgrade further

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    db Guest

    re: Hibernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

    here is another method:

    try deleting that hiberfil.sys
    file via safemode.

    then reboot and run microsoft's
    one care registry scanner:

    then see what happens when
    you try to hibernate.

    you shouldn't be able to since
    the file was deleted.

    do a reboot and when you
    get to the desktop open

    save a blank text file called

    then open the cmd window
    and rename that file to

    and see if hibernation works

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    Unknown Guest

    re: Hibernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

    Why not both??? I am set to standby in 5 minutes and then hibernate after 20
    Works great.

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    db Guest

    Re: HIbernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

    glad you figured a work around.

    however, did you check to ensure
    your bios had acpi enabled in bios?

    in any case here is more info:


    another thing is that dell has its
    own forum where dell experts
    hang out.


    lastly, just some fyi:

    if your system cannot handle

    then it is unlikely to handle
    a subsequent installation
    of a newer o.s.

    keep in mind that not only
    will you likely require hard
    ware upgrades but your
    your software as well.

    for me I barely got a laser
    printer to work on vista because
    the driver was hard coded for xp
    and there were no driver updates
    available for it.

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    Unknown Guest

    Re: HIbernate/Standby fails - XP with SP3

    Why can't you do standby and hibernate both????

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