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Thread: Recovery Console / Not asking for password but denying access

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    Recovery Console / Not asking for password but denying access

    I need help with using Windows XP Recovery Console. I am facing a issue with admin password. When I a using my default login details I am getting a access denied error. I am not able to understand why it is not taking my default password. It looks like some kind of problem with the system. I am not having any other account on the system. How can I disable the password back and access my pc. I hope there will be some way of fixing the issue.

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    Re: Recovery Console / Not asking for password but denying access

    You can remove the password by booting in recovery console. First try to boot in safe mode with command prompt. If windows does not ask for any password then type the following command. Type net user and hit enter. Windows will show you the list of accounts in it. Then type net user nameofaccount * and hit enter. Press enter a number of time and restart your pc. The password will be wiped out. If you are not able to get in the safe mode then use windows disc to boot in recovery console and test back.

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    If you lost the password then you can use a bootable disc called as ophcrack. You can use the bootable disc to find out the password in your pc. It is one of the most easiest way to recover the password that you do not remember. But if nothing works then the only option remain in your system is to re-install xp back. I do not think there is any other way to bypass the password.

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    Re: Recovery Console / Not asking for password but denying access

    Sorry but it doesn't actually work like that. It works like this:

    No administration password = press Enter.

    The problem is that it itsn't prompting him for a password.
    I have the exact same problem and have no idea how to fix it.
    If I were given the choice to enter 1, my password would be just "pressing the Enter key", but it isn't asking me to choose anything. It just goes directly to C:\ with restricted access.
    If I write cd windows or cd "windows" it just tells me: Access denied.
    Does anyone know how to force the Recovery start to ask you to go in as an administrator???
    Thanks a lot

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