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Thread: Cant get into Setup or Boot Menu

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    Cant get into Setup or Boot Menu


    I am trying to do a clean reinstall of my sister's computer and for some weird reason, I cannot get into the Setup nor Boot Menu. When I restart the PC and press either F2 or F12, prior to the Windows screen, it does nothing. I tried for several hours last night.

    What could be wrong? Is there another way for me to get into the Boot Menu from the command line so that I can change the boot order to boot from CD?


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    Re: Cant get into Setup or Boot Menu

    Can you try to post the model of your computer. It might be simply a matter of timing that the key should be pressed at a time when the Bios wont interpret it as a stuck keyboard. The escape key, ctrl/s and other unique combinations have been used to get into the Bios, though most new systems use the keys already mentioned. You can even try to disconnect the keyboard that may give you the option to press a specific key to enter the Bios.

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    To get into Bios it doesnt depends on Windows, but on what motherboard or bios you have. You will need to access the bios first before Windows even starts to boot. One way is to pess the Del key when you first power on the computer but that usually depends on the specific computer that you have. You need to check the screen when you first boot, there is a message there telling you what to press.

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    Here is my BIOS info:

    phoenix rom bios plus version 1.10 a05
    bios version a05

    I also checked the many websites for help on possible ways to get into BIOS menu, but all is unsuccessful

    I don't even get a POST screen when I restart! It goes from Dell screen with F2 for Setup and F12 for Boot Menu --> Windows XP Logo

    I FINALLY GOT IT!!! The stupid key combo was CTRL-ALT-ENTER.

    Thank you guys so much for your patience and help. Hope we all learned something from this.

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    Did you try to one of the below possibilities and ensure to press them while the message to press the keys is on the screen? Because the Bios screen says to press F2, that certainly should be what will get you into it. Also, F2 is not a given sequence for any of the Phoenix Bios's, what I have heard so far. Anyways, below are some keyboard commands that you can randomly try and see what suits you:

    Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Del (using Del from the keypad)
    Fn+[any "F" function key] (on some laptops)

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