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Thread: Generic IEEE 1284.4 Printing Support Problem

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    Generic IEEE 1284.4 Printing Support Problem

    Hi, this is Windows XP based dell desktop. I was just roaming around the system settings and when i reached to Device manager i saw a yellow yellow question mark next to "Generic IEEE 1284.4 Printing Support". As i am not a computer savvy i dont know what exactly is this device for. However when i try to update the drivers from right there the Hardware Update Wizard is not able to find the file it requires.

    Can anyone please tell me how can i fix it? Many thanks.

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    Re: Generic IEEE 1284.4 Printing Support Problem

    Hey, even i am having the same problem with my HP XP laptop. I am trying to fix it from a week now but yet the same problem. Did you managed to fix the problem? If yes, can you please tell me where did you find the IEEE 1284.4 driver ?

    Please help.

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    Re: Generic IEEE 1284.4 Printing Support Problem

    So you both guys are using HP printers, right? Just Unplug the printer form your system's USB port. Insert the Printer CD which you might have received with the hardware and install HP Software. During installation at one stage, you will be asked to connect the printer. Do it and try to print a test page. Hopefully it should have been fixed until now.

    If still you guys are not able to find the drivers, visit HP's Official web site, locate your printer Model and download the drivers. That's it.

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