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Thread: XP Keeps installing the same update

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    XP Keeps installing the same update

    Iím using a Windows XP laptop. Last week when I ran Windows Update, I found few important updates which I allowed the system to install. Now, its been a week, whenever I start the laptop I saw a message at startup saying ďInstalling Update for Windows XP (KB967715) (update 1 of 1)...Ē

    It seems like my XP is installing the same update patch again and again. I donít know what to do with this. Can anyone of you guys please help me out with the same?

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    Re: XP Keeps installing the same update

    The very first thing you need to check is whether that particular update (Windows XP (KB967715)) is actually installed on your system or not. You can do this by going to Start > All Programs > Windows Update or Microsoft Update. On the Web site, click Review your update history. If you found RED icon next to that update that means it is not installed. No matter it is installed or not, just delete the same to get rid of that message.

    Or if you want to install that update then simply visit the following Microsoft Web site for more information about how to troubleshoot the problem: ( ). Follow the procedure provided here about dealing with update problems.

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    Re: XP Keeps installing the same update

    I have been through such problems several times. There are many such Microsoft updates which give you problems. I have faced it more than 4 times when i couldn't really install it automatically, due to some configuration problem. After spending few hours on troubleshooting i went to[/url] and installed the update manually. You can try out the same.

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