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Thread: Faxing with Magic Jack Phone

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    Faxing with Magic Jack Phone

    I need some help with configuration of fax services on my system. I want to use Magic Jack phone on the same. I do not want to go for the regular modem. I need some help with the configuration. I tried to find some working solution but the process looks a bit complicated and confusing to me. I hope there will be a more easier way to configure fax using Magic Phone on Windows XP.

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    Re: Faxing with Magic Jack Phone

    Magic Jack basically works on the pc which has a broadband connection. The connectivity is simple. There is no way to hook it on the regular telephone line. While compare to that a modem works separately. Magic Jack works a bit more faster compare to the regular modem. You just need to add the tool and then you can find a easy manual for the setting it up. It is not at all complicated.

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    You can find a FAQ on the official website which will answer most of your question. If you are facing any error or problem with magic jack then it is worth to discuss. The configuration of Magic Jack is much more simple and better compared to the regular modem settings. And also it performs better.

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    Re: Faxing with Magic Jack Phone

    It is a very simple process. Connect your telephone cable, (RJ-11) coming-out of the magicjack; and connect the other end to a fax machine. That is the simplest way to do it. Telephones lines are known as P.O.T.S., (phone old telephone system) and to communicate they use dials,tones and noises that you will hear when you send a fax. Well,all of those that I have mentioned translate the communications in codes. The word modem comes from a complex word that means; modulation and demodulation. In other words; modulations is a kind related with digital; and demodulation related with analog. A signal coming from a computer comes digital and then it will be converted as analog; and then the same process backwards, (ANALOG TO DIGITAL) this is knowing also in communications as a handshake. The modems will get in accord, and try to decide the speed to transmit the fax. 14400 bps is a very common one in this case, but the 9600 bps is still in use, and others depending the quality and how new is the faxing machine. Enjoy, and I hope that this will work for you. By the way; you can fax-out to another magicjack. And remember, is you are talking in your phone and you listen distortion your bandwidth,( internet speed) it is too slow. Or, you need to change your through-put speed.

    Last but not least, if you travel; bring the magicjack to anywhere you go. Why? If you have an Internet connection available; you will be available to talk like home. Just because, this device uses a technology call Voice-over-ip; that uses packets of information through the Internet and your call will be local. That is what your phone company does not wants for you to know. Thank you ;very much, and that the God of the Heavens will bless you,

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