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    Exchange 2007 POP3 Connector

    I have not installed the SBS 2008 yet but I want to know if there is a POP3 connector in Exchange 2007 like in Exchange 2003? Does anyone know about this information? Thanks.

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    I think that there might be a pop connector for Exchange in SBS 2007 and it is also better, but still meant as a transtition for temporary and not permanent use.

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    I cannot say for sure that you can use it forever, but just that you should not use it. The SMTP is a very good and more relaible method of receiving internet mail and the way Exchange is meant to be used.

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    Exchange 2007 POP3 Connector

    I am at a small company that was using Exchange 2003. We have got 10 email accounts hosted at an ISP and have always used the POP3 Connectory in Exchange 2003 to download the mail and deliver it to the end users mailbox on the server. We have recently upgraded to Windows Server 2008 and Exchange 2007 Standard. I dont know how to download mail with the Receivers and deliver it to a specific mailbox. Exchange 2007 is installed as the hub and since we dont have a static public IP I dont want to point the MX record directly to our server. Can anyone tell me how to reproduce what the old POP3 connector was doing? Thanks.

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    Re: Exchange 2007 POP3 Connector

    I dont know why you have jumped from SBS to standard editions of Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007 but there is no POP3 connector included in the standard product. You can try to search for some third party POP3 connectors and see if that helps. And you dont need to have a static IP to get mail sent straight to exchange.

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    I think tat any POP3 to SMTP connector will do with Exchange 2007. There is nothing specific to Exchange in that. What you have to check out for it is that it supports your Windows Platform if you are installing the connector on Windows 2008.

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