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Thread: How to remove "Favorites" drop down tag in "Favorites Bar" in IntExp 8?

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    How to remove "Favorites" drop down tag in "Favorites Bar" in IntExp 8?

    If I am trying to open Internet Explorer 8 then an entry "Favorites" appears in the "Favorites Bar". I mean to say not on my own Favorites but an entry which let all Favorites apper as drop down list and is similar to the menu Favorites. This favorites bar tag was not existing in the IE7 version. Can anyone tell me how to remove this "Favorites" tag in the "Favorites bar"? Thanks.

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    Cannot you simply right click on it and then uncheck it. See if that works.

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    I think that Internet Explorer will still continue to recreate this folder. You best bet would be to ignore the folder. Or else you can set the Favorites Bar to be hidden by going in to the hidden files/folders options. You will have to go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View and then choose "Do not show hidden files and folders." After that navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\your account name\Favorites and then right click on the Favorites Bar folder and then go to Properties and then select "Hidden" and click ok.

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