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Thread: MS Paint: can one fill "transparent"

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    MS Paint: can one fill "transparent"

    I want to generate some icons using paint. This icons background must be transparent, which means that, it should not cover the underlying content, so what color is transparent actually? Also, can I use Microsoft Paint to fill an images background with that color? The icons that I have created as of now, have a white background but they are not transparent. Any ideas?

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    Re: MS Paint: can one fill "transparent"

    I think that Paint doesnt handle transparency. There doesnt seem to be any color. If an area is transparent, then you will see through it to whatever there might be behind it. Also, transparancy is supported by only .gif & .png formats images.

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    Re: MS Paint: can one fill "transparent"

    You can download Microsoft's 'Image Edit' which is small program that is capable of creating icons with the 2 special colors of See - through inverse. It is limited to working with icons and only has 16 colors but comes for free.

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    Re: MS Paint: can one fill "transparent"

    In Paint, there is a "select transparent" option, where you can select an area and drag it over another area without the white covering everything. When you click on the select area tool, click on the bottom button next, and when you drag, the white areas will be transparent. Hope that helps.

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