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Thread: key combination to hibernate

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    key combination to hibernate

    I need some help to find a dedicated shortcut key to put my system instantly on hibernation. A direct key or something. What are the possible ways available by which I can simply assign shortcut keys by my own hand. I am sure that will be more easier to put the system for hibernate. If there is some shortcut available for the same then also it is more better. I can put the system in sleep mode instantly but for hibernation I cannot find any instant way. Is there any third party applications also available.

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    Re: key combination to hibernate

    You can create a shortcut on desktop itself. For that just right click on the desktop and click on New > Shortcut. In the box type RUNDLL32.EXE PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState and click on Ok. The icon will be placed on the screen and you can double click the same everytime to put your pc on hibernation. So this is extremely simple and there is no need to use any third party application for the same.

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    Re: key combination to hibernate

    If you need a single key access then you have to replace your existing keyboard. You will need to buy a multimedia keyboard which is available on web for cheaper rate. Many multimedia keyboards comes with dedicated keys by which you can instantly shutdown the pc or simply restart it as per your need. I am having one more them. This are also called as hotkeys which comes by default on a laptop. So just look for a good keyboard with hotkey features.

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    I can give you another process by which you can instantly put your system on hibernation. For that right click on the desktop and click on New > Shortcut. In the box type SHUTDOWN -h -t 01 and click on Next. Give a name to the shortcut and done. Next time when you double click the icon the system will go in hibernation. You can also pass the same command in Run box or in CMD to quickly put your system on the sleep mode. That is more easier I think.

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    I will recommend you to keep your system in sleep mode as much as you can. Hibernation can create problem in future. In sleep mode the system is turned off except the ram. The arm has all the pending information and quickly turn on the system when you press any key. While in hibernation a .sys file is created inside the memory and everything is turned off. Next time on boot the ram takes tremendous pressure to restore everything back as it was.

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    Re: key combination to hibernate

    the hibernate thing works good but what is the comand to do the same with sleep mode s3 s4?
    it saves alot more time thats why i ask

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