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Thread: Bug In NTFS Date/Time in Windows XP SP3 Fully Patched

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    Bug In NTFS Date/Time in Windows XP SP3 Fully Patched

    I am using the below things to backup video files from an internal Sata drive to an external Usb drive and both drives are on NTFS system file:

    XCOPY "M:\My TiVo Recordings\Part1\*.*" "P:\My TiVo Recordings\Part1\" /D /E /V /C /I /Y >> C:\Build\Backup\MediaBackup1.log

    Casually, the above will only copy 1 or 2 files at a time. But since today, XCOPY decided that all of the files on the Sata drive were an houw newer than the files on the Usb drive. For an example, a file on the Sata drive that showed modified date/time stamp to some other day. But the same file on the Usb drive was still showing a modified date or time stamp. Hence XCOPY decides that the version on the Sata was newer than the version on the Usb drive and copied it. So it seems that the bug is in the NTFS file system daylight savings time interface for Sata drives. Can anyone please help? Thanks

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    Re: Bug In NTFS Date/Time in Windows XP SP3 Fully Patched

    That is not a bug, it is opearting normally. Normally, the FAT file system stores file date/time as a local date/time and the NTFS file system stores date/time in UTC format. It can be caused by an issue when the computer automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings time and restarting your computer will adjust for this difference. Check the below link for example:

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    I'd rather it screw up the times on that single file I'm saving right around the DST change, than my entire time-driven backup from NTFS to USB, as it does right now. The whole idea of "displaying" incorrect file creation time due to DST shift is flawed. When an application asks for the time a certain file was created, it should get the creation time, not the creation time adjusted for current time.

    the way it works now, if I create a file on NTFS in the summer, and copy it to and USB stick. Then in the winter, comparing the creation time of those two instances of the same file will tell me they are different. Stupid...

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