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Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

Windows XP Support

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Old 28-02-2009
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Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

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I've got several .MSWMM project files that were created on a
vista machine that's now toast (dead CPU). I also have all of
the source files that were used in the projects.

Is there any tool that will convert the .mswmm files to a
version that my XP machine can read?

Going back to the vista machine for anything is out of the
question because it's cpu is fried and it no longer even
boots. There's also no way to get access to a vista machine
to complete the work

Simply starting over won't do either because I can't know
what was done in the original projects without being able to
open it. My wife started these projects before she died and I
REALLY need to be able to work with them.

Thanks for any help

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Old 28-02-2009
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Re: Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

Looks like you can go from XP to Vista with a WMM project, but you can't go
back again.

If the work is THAT important, surely it's worth the price of a CPU, no?

Buy or borrow a Vista installation disk and dual boot Vista and XP.
Tutorial below.

If you buy it, you can legally activate it.
If you borrow it, read the the entire article above paying CLOSE attention
to the section about NOT entering the product key/activation before you
begin. If you go the borrowed route, Vista should work normally for 30
days, though it will nag you to activate often.
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Old 01-03-2009
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Re: Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

Figures that microsloth would pull something like that. What
I find hard to believe is that there isn't some kind of
utility that can read the vista file and write an XP file,
even if it has to drop the vista only things (which I don't
believe there are, I didn't see anything on the Vista version
that XP version doesn't have).

Even if only because of sentimental value It's worth a hell
of a lot more than that to me and just as soon as I learn how
to shit money I'll run right out and get one.

The only available vista installer is on the recovery
partition of the HP Compaq piece of shit that won't boot. And
of course, to make things extra special, the laptop HDD
doesn't FIT a standard connector on my desktop so there's no
getting to it that way either.

Buying it isn't going to happen. No way will I ever pay for
the privilege of using something I've come to hate as much as
I hate vista.

I guess I'm off to see if I can find a vista install image
that I can download and try to get running on a VM because
there's no way on Earth that I'm going to allow my good
machine to be *infected* with the vista disease, even as a
dual boot.

Pardon my attitude, I'm just seriously pissed.
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Old 02-03-2009
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Re: Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

There are inexpensive ($10-15) adaptors available for that sort of thing;
but you won't be able to boot from the Laptop Drive. Might be useful for
gathering anything else you may want to keep, though.

Might be your only choice. You can pick up a copy of Vista Basic Home
edition for less than $100.00 these days. That's a whole lot cheaper than
replacing the CPU in the laptop would be.

Don't worry about it. I understand your frustration. Here's another
suggestion. If you can locate an installer for Windows 7 (beta) you can
download WMM for it (apparently it will no longer be installed by default in
Windows 7) from here;


Says it's compatible with Vista as well, so it might be worth a shot.
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Old 05-03-2009
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Re: Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

I'll check that out, if nothing else it'll insure I can get
anything else on the drive and perhaps make use of it on my
desktop machine.

Why am I not surprised?

Just out of plain curiosity, is there any documentation of
the file structure for both the XP and vista versions of
..mswmm files? It seems to me that given such documentation
it would be possible to create a utility that could read the
vista version and output a file compatible with XP.
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Old 06-03-2009
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Re: Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

That's what I was thinking.

Who knows why Microsoft does anything? And it's not like you won't be able
to dowload/install/use WMM with W7, it's just that it seems they are going
to kick-it back into "toys". Which to me, says they are all done making any
improvements to it.

Beats me. Hopefully someone else here can answer.
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Old 24-09-2009
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Re: Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

I alway use nidesoft video converter which could convert video or audio files between all popular formats. It is very helpful for me!
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Old 25-09-2009
John Inzer
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Re: Need to Convert vista MSWMM project to xp

Conversion is not an option.

A Vista Movie Maker .mswmm project file is not
compatible with Win XP Movie Maker.

You have two options...Publish the Vista project
in the .wmv movie format and then import the .wmv
movie file into XP Movie Maker. Or...just recreate
the whole project from scratch in Win XP Movie
Maker 2.1.

Windows Vista -
Publish a movie in
Windows Movie Maker
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