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Thread: solution center problem

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    solution center problem

    Facing a huge problem with Windows XP. Its been a month whenever I start the system I use to get a pop up asking me to install Solution Center disc. I donít know what it is. Just few seconds later it is followed by yet another pop up saying I can look for Solution Center in SolutionCenter.msi. I donít have any idea what has went wrong and how can I fix it.

    As soon as I close these pop up windows my taskbar disappears for 2 seconds and comes back with the same first pop up message. Apart from this another problem Iím facing is though I hear a ding sound when I connect my iPod to this computer, it wont appear anywhere.

    Getting very annoying. Please help.

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    RE: solution center problem

    This is not the problem of Windows XP but the hardware you are using. Can you tell me what is the make and model of your desktop/laptop?

    Until you reply, check this:

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