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Thread: Changing font for dialogue message box

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    Changing font for dialogue message box

    I need some help here to modify the font of dialog box in windows xp. The existing one are really dull. I tried to find out the settings in control panel but I am not able to find anything. Is there any application or settings available through which I can simply modify the font of message box. I found some themes but they does nothing to the font settings. I had attached a secondary monitor on the pc through hdmi port. The current fonts are not so visible on the big screen.

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    You can do that through Display Properties. Right click on my computer and click on properties. There go to the Appearance. In that you can find some set of different options through which you can customize the message box. While there are more theme that you can use which can make the font more visible. But that might affect the system performance also. I will recommend you to try use a tweaking utility which can do the job.

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    You can also manage that through dpi settings which is located under Advance section. This might add a more effect. You will have to increase the resolution to get a more clear appearance on a bigger screen size. There is a direct option available by which you can simply customize the fonts of your system. For that you do not need any third party utilities. Just follow the steps below. Go to the display properties. In that click on Appearance and then click on Advance. In the drop down list choose the font and apply it.

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    I do not think there is any tool available for that. You can use the existing one and you can add more if you want. You can change the font via display properties only. There are some nice themes that you can install and make your system work more better. You just need to search for a tweak UI software from the web. Download the same and install it in your system which will be more helpful.

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    Re: Changing font for dialogue message box


    Thanks. It's only been a minor irritant in the past, but as I've gotten older it's become more of problem. Thanks, again.

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