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Thread: Computer won't go into sleep mode...

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    Computer won't go into sleep mode...

    I have a Windows XP desktop at home with 2 user accounts. I noticed that I’m not able to put this system in Sleep mode until I’m logged in with my user account. If I change and log in to second user account it goes to sleep fine.

    I checked Sleep and Power options, but accounts have the same settings. Then where is the problem? Is there something we need to do in registry?

    Please help.

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    Re: Computer won't go into sleep mode...

    Nope there is nothing to do in registry for this. Is both the accounts have same settings but it is not working on your account that means there would be something running in the background which is preventing the system to go in sleep. Yes, there is possibility because your other account user might not be using the softwares or application which you use and which may be running in background.

    What you can do is open task manager and kill all unwanted process and try to send it to sleep. See if it works. Also make sure to disable Startup Items from MSCONFIG to fix the same.

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