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Thread: Add programs to All Programs folder in XP

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    Add programs to All Programs folder in XP

    I recently had to reinstall Windows XP.

    As a result all my old programs are still on the machine however none of them show up in the All Programs section of the Start Menu in XP.

    Is there any way to populate that folder with those programs?


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    Re: Add programs to All Programs folder in XP

    I had installed windows back from the scratch. I had installed everything here. There was some problem with my system. There was a virus issue. So I formatted my pc. I installed all the applications like browser, office suite, and other download manager. I am facing a bit weird issue with my pc. The start menu is not having all the icons of applications installed on the same. I tried re-installing the program again but still I cannot see the shortcut icons in the start menu. Can anyone help me here to fix the issue.

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    Re: Add programs to All Programs folder in XP

    What edition of windows xp are you having. I think you are using a pirated copy due to which you are getting the problem. I will recommend you to simply get a proper cd for the same. The setup that you are trying to install is itself buggy. So you are facing such kind of problem. Just try to reformat with some other working disc and then check back. I am sure that will be more than enough to fix the problem.

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    I don't think you are right here.

    If I go to C:\Program Files everything is there and can be used. I've opened outlook, world of warcraft and a few others without having to reinstall anything.

    When I reinstalled Windows gave me the option to leave the files intact instead of formatting the drive and that is what I chose.

    I just need to be able to get the programs found in C:\Windows into the All Programs menu.

    I'm not deleting anything. I was using the quick reply box.

    I tried using the repair console but was continually thwarted by the ntfs.sys driver. Every time I tried to boot the system would hit that driver, freeze for a moment and then restart.

    I tried using the repair console to disable that driver. No good.
    I renamed ntfs.sys to ntfs.old and copied over the ntfs.sys file from the installation drive. No good.

    I tried all four of the enabled stances. No good.

    So my last attempt was a reinstall.

    Upon beginning the reinstall I was presented with three options:
    Install with a quick format.
    Install with a full format.
    Install but leave the current files intact.

    I chose the later and XP installed but presented me with the problem I now have of all my programs being in the folder C:\Windows\Program Files. I've been able to also locate all the files I had on my old desktop.

    One thought I've been having:
    When I first installed XP, oh so many years ago, I had an account called Kmar. When I took the steps I detailed above I gave it another name.

    Were I to repeat my steps and gave the pc a name of kmar is it at all probable that everything would go back to right and I would be able to then find my programs in the Taskbar>Start>All Programs sections or is the link to the registry irrevocably broken and now can only be fixed by reinstalling everything?

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    The best thing I can do is simply run the repair setup of Windows XP. You can do that through windows disc. I think there is something missing which is causing the problem. There can be some internal settings which is messed up which is causing the problem. Just try to run the repair setup once again and then check back. I am sure that will be enough to fix the problem you are facing. That will be more easier to some extent.

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    This is really weird. When you install anything the shortcut icons are automatically created on the desktop and in the start menu. Sometime the icons are created inside the folder. So better check the same first. Like for Microsoft Office the start menu has a folder where all the icons remains. So better check that once again properly. There must be shortcuts created but they might be inside some folder.

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    Re: Add programs to All Programs folder in XP

    That is due to some weird edition of windows. I had also got the same kind of issue. The issue lies with an slipstream disc that my friend gave me. I used another one and it worked. There are some different editions which are the common cause of such issue. You just need to replace the disc and then check back. I am sure you will get what you are looking for.

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