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Thread: 1394 Network adapter?

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    1394 Network adapter?

    Hi, I know there are multiple threads on this 'issue' but none of them have really helped me, so I decided to make my own :P |

    My computer crashed, I turned it back on and it said I was missing this file, c:\windows\system32\config\software so I called Best Buy for tech support and they said to reformat - /yay. Unfortunately I couldn't even start my computer - it would crash instantly, so I pretty much lost all my files/drivers and whatnot.

    I decided to reformat - I don't have my LAN or Internet drivers - My computer is connected through a cable (directly) from the router.

    Here's a screenshot of the Device manager/Network connections! :)

    This computer is custom built, on the computer case - where the case fan is, it says the motherboard is an 'A8V Deluxe' hope this helps ;)

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    Re: 1394 Network adapter?

    You might need to install the proper driver for your ethernet adapter. You will need to check what all items are listed next to the yellow question mark by clicking on the plus sign and you will get to know what is missing. After that try to check the model number and manufacturer of your mbo and run the System information by going to Start and then Run and type msinfo32.exe.

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    RE: 1394 Network adapter?

    Are you having this problem using XP since I am also having this similar issue on vista. I am getting some error message that says no network adapter is installed. On other computer, which is also using Vista everything seems to be fine. I did try to search and download the 1394 Network Adaptor and Realtek RTL8139 driver, but it is not working for me. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks.

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    Re: 1394 Network adapter?

    Actually, the 1394 drivers are built in firewire drivers, which is usually not used to connect to the most Internet / network services. As for the Realtek drivers, you have to locate and install the motherboard chipset drivers. You will receive the drivers, either on a CD or on any older floppy disk, at the time of purchase.

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