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Thread: Default windows games

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    Default windows games

    I am hoping that someone might be able to help me out. I have given my computer to a friend to clean up the computer for me and he erased all of the default games such as solitaire, minesweeper, freecell and all other inbuilt games. Can anyone tell me how to get this games back in my pc? Thanks for any help.

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    RE: Default windows games

    Well, if you dont have the Installation CD then it will be an issue to get those games back. I am guessing that you have Windows XP, so first check the actual game exe files that have been deleted and its not just the shortcuts which are missing from the Start Menu. The exe files for this games can be found under C:\WINDOWS\system32\ and it will be termed as below:

    Minesweeper - winmine.exe
    Freecell - freecell.exe
    Hearts - mshearts.exe
    Solitaire - sol.exe
    Spider Solitaire - spider.exe

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    Re: Default windows games

    Can you ask your friend if he is able to reverse what he has done. Or go to Control Panel Add or Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Accessories and Utilities > Games. If it is unticked then tick it again and close it and check if the games come back. If nothing works, then get yourself a disc now and hopefully it will help you out.

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    Re: Default windows games

    I am getting some different problem with the internet games. If Istart them up then I am getting an message that says "'Reversi' is unable to start. Close some other programs and try again, or try reinstalling 'Reversi' using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel." I am not able to find anything to reinstall it.

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    Can you try to remove the internet games and come right out of he Add and Remove program and then go in and add it back in? In other words, try to reinstall it like the error message you got said.

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