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Thread: MS office Icons shortcuts missing from Start menu

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    MS office Icons shortcuts missing from Start menu

    At office I use a laptop running with Windows XP and all systems in office our managed and taken care by our IT department. Earlier I use to have 2 partitions on this laptop, i.e. C: and D:. Lat week the IT guy removed the second partition and made it single, that is C drive. Since then something has gone wrong. Now I cannot see any Office icon on my desktop or in Start Menu. Neither it is in documents folder.

    Only thing I can see is Windows generic Folder. When I select this file it simply opens the MS Application. I though re-installing MS office can fix the problem but it is not allowing me either to re-install or to repair the system. Could you guys please provide me some help on this?

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    Re: MS office Icons shortcuts missing from Start menu

    Is your laptop on any Domain? If yes, it might have some restrictions which will not allow to uninstall or install anything on your own. Also as you said you have a IT department in your office, you should simply call up them and tell them to fix the problem.

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