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Thread: i386 folder is missing

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    i386 folder is missing

    I am facing issue with some windows component. I am searching for i386 folder in my windows system but not able to locate the same. I am not having windows xp cd. Can anyone tell me a manual way of locating the folder which I can use to restore some windows component. Is there any place available on the web from where I can download it.

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    Re: i386 folder is missing

    The folder that you are asking about i386 usually lies in windows installation cd. It lies in the root of the cd from where you can simply restore a number of stuff. It is not really available in the system folder. While trousbleshooting your system without that will give you minimal access. It is necessary that you must arrange a xp cd.

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    It is a driver directory of windows and the location of the same on any system is C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\I386. But the one which is available in windows installation disc has all the updates. If you have a recovery partition in your pc then you can simply see in that. You will be able to find the folder. While on the web it is not possible to locate the download. It is only found inside windows setup disc.

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