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Thread: 0xc0000135 error message

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    0xc0000135 error message

    When ever I am trying to boot my computer then I am getting an error message 0xc0000135? Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: 0xc0000135 error message

    You will first need to let us know about the complete error in the Event Viewer. So, try to look in the application log and then in the system log. To access Event Viewer by selecting Start > Control Panel > Admin Tools > Event Viewer. Check the below link for detailed information:

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    A compatibility issue between the Windows XP SP2 installer and a third-party advertising program that is named T.V. Media can cause this problem. The problem occurs when you have T.V. Media installed on your computer, and you try to install Windows XP SP2. You receive a Stop error when you restart your computer, and the installation process fails. More information here -

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