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Thread: black screen w/message "out of range"

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    black screen w/message "out of range"

    I want to adjust the graphics display through graphics options/graphics properties but all of a sudden the screen went black with the message "out of range" in the middle of the black screen. I have restarted many times and tries ctrl+alt+del and also tried to get to safe mode but nothing seems to be working. Can anyone please help, I am running Windows XP. Thanks

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    Have you tried System restore. If you boot and before Windows starts to load, then do you see the Post screen showing your hardware specs? Are you able to hit the key to get into the Bios and see its screens? If not, then check if the cable is still plugged into both your monitor and the video output on the computer? Is the power led lit on the monitor? The monitor does not support the video resolution that you have selected.

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    Re: black screen w/message "out of range"

    You can try to press the F8 key during boot, and then choose the option to use VGA. It will get you a 640x480 display. From there you can get back into your video settings and adjust it to what you want.

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    re sometime black screen w/message "out of range"

    My windows xp function have picture, but my problem is some game i have ( the game have function before ) make out of range message input 1024x768 60mhz and the message sit in the middel of the screen and make problem to play the game.. and it not go out. those game i have play them before. I have a older geforce card from nvidia i think the name is 7300se.
    My brother give me a link for download nvidia drivers an the name is display driver nomber 190.38.
    I can say i have go to screen setting proberty and my system stand on 1024x768 60mgz.....
    There are some game i can play.
    Enyone there can help me?
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