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Thread: What is HP Cue Status Root

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    What is HP Cue Status Root

    I have a HP PC running with windows XP. Sometimes while working on this PC suddenly I use to get a Pop up box saying “HP Cue Status Root has stopped working and has to close.” When I click OK button it disappears but I don’t notice anything weird with of the applications. That good for me but I wanted to know why does that box appears and what exactly is the “HP Cue Status Root”?

    Is it going to create any problem for my PC in future? How can get rid of it permanently?

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    Re: What is HP Cue Status Root

    Hello Hamsa, just follow these steps to get rid of the same:

    • Click on START.
    • Click on 'Run'.
    • Type 'MSCONFIG'.
    • Click 'OK'.
    • Click on 'General' tab.
    • Choose 'Selective Start Up'.
    • Click on 'Start Up' tab at the top.
    • Uncheck 'HP Digital Imaging Monitor' or HPqtra08.exe from the list of names. Click Apply and OK.
    • Restart your computer.

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