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Thread: How to fix C00D10D1 Error of Windows Media Player

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    How to fix C00D10D1 Error of Windows Media Player

    I am getting a error C00D10D1 while using Windows Media Player. I got the error when I was playing some songs in the audio player. It simply does not worked well. It was working well before and suddenly it stopped working. Is this some kind of virus problem in my system. I cannot find windows media player in add remove program from where I can remove it and add it back. How can fix the issue.

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    Re: How to fix C00D10D1 Error of Windows Media Player

    That is a codec but. When windows media player is not able to read some file format you get this kind of error. You will have to download the codec pack and install it in your system. Later on reboot your system and it will be working well. I am giving you some reference link to download the codec. Just click on the link below to download the codec pack. You can also download k-lite codec pack separately from running much higher number of audio/video formats.

    Windows Media Player Codec Installation Package

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