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    I am facing a error while trying to install a new application. The error is 0xc0000135. Now I starting to get this error again and again a number of time on different application. I am not able to install anything here. I need some help here. I am having a number of pending applications to install. I had just formatted my pc and what to install everything. Does re-install windows back again will fix the issue. I am not having any other edition of windows installation.

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    I am giving you a link below that will help you to fix the problem. I am giving you a link below that will help you to fix the issue. Just try to check the link below and then check back. That will be more helpful you to fix the issue. Try to run a repair setup and then test back. That will be simply more helpful to fix the problem you are facing.

    You receive a "Stop: c0000135" and "winsrv was not found" error message after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2

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    Re: 0xc0000135

    i got the same problem after i have installed sp3 and the newest drivers from nvidia 8 series. The links won't work. Cause my computer is telling me you also got newer version or something. It's only by Frontlines fuel of war , with other dvd's i don't got any problem. The 0xc0000135 error showed up when the dvd-rom player try to autorun.exe. When i use the game icon in my computer i also got the 0xc0000135 error.. WindowsXP-KB885523-x86-nld <--- is a tool for this problem but the sp3 is newer so i can't use this item. Some one know what i can do ?

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    I am also the one that is getting the same kind of Stop message on Windows XP. The only difference here is that I am using a Windows XP Professional 64. I had tried to scan my pc and locate all the malware also. But found nothing. I also tried to simply scan my pc with a good anti-malware tool under safe mode and it looks to be working well. There is no virus detected. I started getting the issue suddenly when I changed my antivirus. I am quiet not able to work on the same.

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