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Thread: Windows Error Code 19 - CD / DVD Drives are gone.

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    Windows Error Code 19 - CD / DVD Drives are gone.

    I am having a Dell system. The model of system that I have is Dell 2400 something. There is a problem with the CD/DVD here. It is not appearing in My Computer. I am trying to copy some audio files. But somehow it fails to work. It is not working properly. The CD just did not open. The CD/DVD drive icon is just not visible in My Computer. I am not able to understand the problem here. I had just used the same last week and it worked fine. There was no issue at all.

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    Can be connectivity issue. Try to turn of your pc first and then open the case. Check the cables. Try to shuffle it. If it is a IDE port then just remove and replug it back and if it is a SATA then just try to change the ports and test back. I am sure that will fix the issue. You can go in the bios directly first to see whether the optical drive is detected or not. If still it is not detected then I think it is dead, it has stopped working.

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    Re: Windows Error Code 19 - CD / DVD Drives are gone.

    If things are not resolved by shuffling the cable then there is one more thing you can try. Just right click on My Computer and click on Properties. In that go in Hardware and click on Device Manager. Inside Device Manager just check whether the optical drive is listed or not. If not then hit is a hardware failure. But if listed you can just right click on that and choose update drivers. That's all. It will be enough to fix the problem you are facing. Just the drivers and then check back.

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    I got the same on my laptop. I tried various thing. The optical drive was not just visible in Device Manager. I showed the same to service center who told that the optical drive is damaged and I have to replace the same. I am using a usb optical drive which works fine. So I too think you are having a hardware problem. Device Manager solution if does not work then just replace it. That's all. The problem will be resolved.

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    If the DVD is detected and not working then the issue surely lies with the drivers. But if it is not detected at all then you must consider this as a hardware issue. There one way you can check whether the optical drive is still working or not. Just use a windows installation disc and boot your pc with that. If it boots and work fine then your optical drive is still working. If not then it is the time for getting a new one. Try system restore also before doing the above thing. I hope it might restore the old drivers and settings back.

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    Re: Windows Error Code 19 - CD / DVD Drives are gone.

    I didn't fully understand what was going on, but I fired up regedit and did a search for "UpperFilters". There was only one entry and that related to the keyboard.

    I did the same for "LowerFilters" and got one entry which related to CDROM/DVDROM. I deleted it, uninstalled both CDROM/DVDROMs in the Hardware Manager and rebooted. Tada, I've got back both my CDROM/DVDROMs which were the subjects of the Code 19.

    It seems strange that a single Registry entry can disable both CD/DVDROMs and that MS does not know the answer. My thanks to all those who suggested the Lower/UpperFilters solution.

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