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Thread: Ran XP prod key update tool - now getting "activation period hasexpired" - help...

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    Ran XP product key update tool - now getting "activation period hasexpired" - help...

    There is friend who is getting the "Your installation of XP is not genuine" message from some weeks. So I told them to ignore the message and download the XP Product key update tool from the below link and follow the method on how to install a new product key:

    After they did that, the program did not give any error message but it asked the system to restart. After booting the XP product activation service came up and asked them if they wanted to register and validate or just validate the system but that didnt work. It gave the below message:
    - 45106
    - Activation period has expired

    Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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    RE: Ran XP prod key update tool - now getting "activation period has

    Have you tried to do a telephone activation and if so then you might have skipped some part, dont use the internet connection to validate in telephone, once XP has rejected the number/letters, leave screen as is, call microsoft activation, the number is 888 571 2048. It will ask to re-enter the data and will reject it also, but at that point, it will connect you to a live rep who will give the new activation data for XP.

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    Re: Ran XP prod key update tool - now getting "activation period has

    I have a legal copy of Windows XP and everytime I have o reinstall I have to contact microsoft to be interrogated about when and how I bought my copy of Windows XP. This activation process is really annoying. If I have purchased it legally then why cant I install it as many times as I want?

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    In that case, I would like to recommend you the most popular Linux Distrubutions, Ubuntu for your next operating system. I have already converted my OS to this ubuntu and am also using Windows XP with it as a dual boot.

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