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Thread: Uninstall Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

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    Yvonne York Guest

    Uninstall Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

    I tried to uninstall Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 in:
    'Add or Remove Programs' panel
    by inserting the disk and activated the radio button next to 'Remove'.

    Both attempts to uninstall were unsuccessful.

    Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 uninstall did not complete successfully.
    Error 1402.Setup cannot open the registry key UNKNOWN\rtf\PersistentHandler.
    Verifiy you have sufficient permission to access the registry or contact
    Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance. For information
    about to contact PSS,
    see C:\Documents and Settings\Yvonne York\Local

    I was able to locate C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx xxxx\Local

    but "PSS10R.CHM." is nowhere to be found.

    I installed Office 2007 using a valid 25-character CD key and am the
    administrator and should therefore have 'permission' to uninstall this

    The uninstall procedures as described in
    are a bit too complicated for my liking.

    Could somebody please please advise which registry setting should be
    modified or any other procedure to facilitate proper removal of Microsoft
    Office Enterprise 2007.

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    - Bobb - Guest

    Re: Uninstall Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

    Be honest for correct answers.
    You're an admin with stand-alone copy ?
    How do you 'normally' install ?
    Is this the first time ? Or done hundreds and problem this morning ?
    Is this YOUR PC and you are not at office ?
    You bought used PC? etc
    If Enterprise Edition might need to be on their network to uninstall ?
    Maybe CD is looking for install location to copy to Temp folder
    Drive \\servername\installfolder
    which you do not have ?

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    Bob I Guest
    Perhaps if you don't want to be editing the registry by following the
    instructions in KB928218, you shouldn't edit the regstry at all. I would
    suggest turning the job over to someone else.

    Since when do you need to insert the disk to uninstall a program?

    The date and time was 10/24/2008 5:05 AM, and on a whim, - Bobb -
    pounded out on the keyboard

    What made you think she wasn't being honest?

    She stated "Administrator". I think you can figure that one out.

    Even network installs copy files to the MSO Cache folder. Regardless,
    she said she installed it from the CD.

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    DL Guest
    Insert Office cd, select repair option, then run disk cleanup to remove all
    temp files, reboot, try again.
    If that doesn't work you are going to have to use the kb article, unless you
    want to use the nuclear option.
    (Format / reinstall)
    BTW why do you want to uninstall?

    Recognized by whom? Can you provide a link to instructions from Microsoft?

    For Microsoft Office 2007, the original install DVD is only needed for
    the initial install. IF you elected to remove the Local Install Source
    (Msocache) you will need the DVD to repair your installation, to add new
    components and (typically) to install updates and service packs.

    Office 2007 Enterprise is a Volume License version and it is quite difficult to remove. I suggest that you get in touch with the IT department of the Company or the Educational Institution from where you have purchased this version through the their Home Program.

    If this is not a legal version then all I can tell you is to reformat your system to remove it .

    If this was a Trial version which I doubt then read the release notes on the steps needed for uninstalling this Enterprise version that came with the download.

    You didnt specifically refer to 2007, but gave a universal response, but any
    way thats picking hairs.

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    Yvonne York Guest
    I don't know and really don't care! Your (smart ass) question should be
    directed to makers of the program disk (setup.exe 'Change your installation
    of Microsoft Enterprise 2007) on which one can find and select three (3)
    options viz:
    1.Add or Remove Features
    Since uninstalling Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 in 'Add or Remove
    Programs' panel is not working it is not, in my view, unreasonable to try
    the option as offered on the disk.
    Try to let off some the hot air...

    Wiping the HDD and reinstall the OS is on the agenda

    My day-to-day work is conducted in a Least-privileged User Account (LUA).
    The only way I can access Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 in LUA is via the
    'Run as...' option.

    In hindsight I am pretty sure fouling up when installing Microsoft Office
    Enterprise 2007.
    I remember after that completion, in Admin A/C a window/panel popped up
    indicating my surname 'York' on the top line and the initial 'Y' (of my
    first name Yvonne) on the bottom line; I clicked OK and all is working in
    this account.

    In LUA the same panel popped up indicating my LUA name (which is Yorkielady)
    on the top line. Since my LUA name is a single name and does not have first
    name, I was surprised that the bottom line showed the letter 'Y', so I
    deleted this letter from the bottom line and clicked OK. This may have
    caused that I cannot access the program in LUA. Other than uninstalling and
    reinstalling I have absolutely no idea as how to access this particular
    window/panel in order to edit (add) the initial to the bottom line.

    I bought this version containing a valid key in Lao People's Democratic
    Republic where I currently reside and work as a volunteer removing
    explosives dropped by friendly folk from their B52's originating in Guam
    some time ago. I am my own IT department and Educational Institution; I have
    a suitcase full of hats! (Apologies for the OT stuff).

    Fine, then do it your way. You've had so much success already, why
    change now.

    Afraid then that version is probably pirated. Do you have the hologram from MS on the installation disk ??

    No, it's got all the wrappings, eye-candies etc., but, as far as I can
    determine, it hasn't' got a hologram
    If it is a pirated version, it's a bloody good one! It is updating and
    functioning very well in the Admin A/C and if I wouldn't use LUA we never
    would have this exchange of messages.
    If nobody can come up with a solution with respect to editing my LUA name
    (refer to my post to DL) I proceed with wiping the HDD and re-install the

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    DL Guest
    I believe the window & name details you refer to are for those that appear
    in the file properties (author) of any doc you create, and as such amending
    these details would'nt I believe have any impact on the user rights required
    to run Enterprise.

    Reading into the details of Enterprise & its requirements to run, it seems
    to me that certain components of the program require full rights in order to
    run, or at least their connection with other components.

    Assuming this is your own PC & you are the sole user I dont really see any
    problem with running Enterprise as an administrator, but thats just my view.

    Interesting. Why should the Enterprise version need higher level rights to
    run properly compared to Standard version I wonder?

    I would also suggest you get a KOSHER version.

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    Join Date
    Jun 2010

    Re: Uninstall Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

    My version of Office was detected as being not legit. I have a new license key. I tried to replace key-not allowed. I even uninstalled the reinstalled office with the new device-but it stored all the old settings-including in Outlook.

    How do I delete all the old microsoft files and then reinstall, to start with a clean slate.

    THis is for Office Enterprise; I am running VISTA

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    No Mo Guest

    Re: Uninstall Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

    You asked a question about MIcrosoft Office in a Windows XP newsgroup, when
    you have Vista O/S.

    You need to post in an Office Newsgroup.

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