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Thread: HELP! Can't log in - password not recognized

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    HELP! Can't log in - password not recognized

    I'm not sure if I was restarting my computer for some reason, or if it just spontaneously shut down on its own, but anyway...upon restart, the computer (xp) no longer recognized my password. I am the only user on my computer and can not log in because my password is not recognized. I get a message that says, " Forget your password?" and a reminder about case sensative passwords.

    Any suggestions as to how I can reset the password or what I can do to log on when my password is not recognized? I am the "administrator" but since I can't even log on...

    Yikes! Thanks!

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    Re: HELP! Can't log in - password not recognized

    First of all let me tell you that there is an encryption problem in Windows XP Pro version. In this OS when you choose encrypt files or folders and later when you change the password from outside the account, you actually permanently lose decrypt access to the encrypted data. This problem is only in XP Pro and not in XP Home edition. So I would like to know what OS you are using out of these.

    In case you are using XP Pro than restart the computer and boot into safe mode. Login in with the default Administrator account. Now go to Control Panel > Users > and reset or clear the password for your account. See if it works.

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