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Thread: ERROR DIRECTSOUND - Bad Driver ER:88780078

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    ERROR DIRECTSOUND - Bad Driver ER:88780078

    I am not able to play audio on my system. I am having some Realtek 97 audio on my system. The system has Windows XP. I formatted my system due to some issue and thought to re-install for better performance. Everything goes well. But the sound stopped working. My chipset is Intel D 845G. How can I get proper driver for the same. I thought Windows XP would take everything by default for the driver installation. But it did not worked.

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    For that you will need to visit the official website of your motherboard manufacturer. Then only you will be getting proper drivers. Or else the issue will be same. First look for your motherboard model. Then search on the web for the most latest drivers and then install the same. I hope that will be quiet enough for you to get recent updates.

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    Try automatic updates. I am sure that will be a bit more helpful. You can simply go in Device Manager and right click on the audio device. Choose update drivers and follow the screen instructions. If your system is connected to the internet, there are chances that Windows might pull the drivers and add the same to your pc. I am sure that will be better. But if that does not worked then you will need to locate the chipset CD that comes with most motherboard model.

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