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Thread: Bad Pool Caller Blue Screen

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    Bad Pool Caller Blue Screen

    Good day people!

    I have this problem with my Asus computer that has XP SP3 and Ubuntu 8.04.1 on dual boot. Ubuntu is fine, but whenever somebody logs in to Windows, after a few minutes these things happen:

    1. It says that it has recovered from a serious error. I look at the details, and I see a .dmp file and a .sys file.
    2. It then displays a blue screen (BSOD, so to speak). The only thing that I can read from the screen is BAD_POOL_CALLER.
    3. Before I get a glimpse of what else is written on the screen, it reboots.

    This happens every single time someone logs in, and it is always during the first few minutes.

    I tried booting XP in safe mode, but I wasn't able to get much information, apart from the following:

    1. Safe mode runs smoothly.
    2. In event logger, at the times before the computer displayed the blue screen, it had the following code: 000000c2, 00000007, 00000cd4, 04030401, e3c3b2a0. Similar threads said that I should take this down, so I did, but no other threads had exactly the same code.

    I thought about what could possibly cause this. The last time it worked properly, I did the following:

    1. I installed a USB to Serial converter cable driver. It came with a CD, and it wasn't plug and play. It didn't come with an instruction manual, so I installed every driver in the disk that was in the USBtoRS232 folder. From what I read from other threads, conflicting drivers can cause bad pool callers.
    2. I also used WiFi for the first time, and the computer had two programs that manage it: Atheros and the default Windows utility. I turned both on.
    3. I downloaded new headers for Ubuntu.
    4. I installed two new programs: a Zilog microcontroller utility and CAPE_OPEN.

    Now, I don't know much about computer troubleshooting. I don't know how I could tackle this. Also, my dad is gonna kill me if he sees Windows fail on him once he gets to use it.


    Thanks in advance!

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    BAD_POOL_CALLER is a stop error message that is caused because of problems with the memory management. The error is seen when the computer is started up and displays the blue screen of death and gives the following message: “A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer”.

    BAD_POOL_CALLER. stop: 0x000000c2 (0x000000043, 0xc2528000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) ”

    Each of these stop error parameters is for a different problem. There is a list of more than thirty such causes that can give you this error message. If the stop error is consistent every time the system is rebooted, the following method will be effective in solving the problem:

    • The hardware and RAM should be checked initially.
    • Boot the system once again using the Operating System setup CD, or use a boot setup that has a GUI like BartPE.
    • With RunScanner it is possible to use a memory test tool.
    • Select a single account
    • If all the accounts open then the system registry hive might be the problem.
    • Locate the hive damaged and rename it, do not delete it.
    • Create another hive from the backup or from the restore point.
    • Initially uses the latest one and keep checking the restore points that come later.
    • Avoiding harvesting any replacement hives from the hard drive booted Windows.
    • After which compare the hives for differences.

    This is one of the ways of fixing BAD_POOL_CALLER errors. Another method is to reinstall the Operating System but occasionally shows a disk read error or an error on the same lines. Switching the computer off for a minute or more and then switching it on can solve it since the error is only a slight glitch in the system operation.

    The BAD_POOL_CALLER is seen for the first time after installing a hardware or software it is recommended that the computer be restarted. If it doesn’t solve the problem, the installation of the hardware or software should be checked for correction. The manufacture should also be contacted if there are any Windows updates required to correct the error. If the problem persists the installed hardware and software should be disabled, and the BIOS memory options like caching or shadowing should be disabled too. The safe mode can be used as well to remove or stop components. To enable the safe mode just press F8 when the machine is being restarted and select it from the Advance Startup options and correct the problem. The installation of the graphics card is another reason the BAD_POOL_CALLER error shows up. A simple reinstallation of the driver can solve the problem. Microsoft has also acknowledged that the BAD_POOL_CALLER Stop 0xC2 error pops up when trying to print a document that contains a corrupt font. A hot fix is available at, where the telephone number can be acquired to contact support. The call to the support team is charged except if the support team has resolved that the update will solve the problem. The error message with relation to this parameter of the BAD_POOL_CALLER error is seen only in the Win2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server Operating Systems.

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    Okay im completely noob at this computer stuff... but please help
    same deal.
    blue screen
    safe mode didnt work
    neither does the other option

    ***STOP: (0x00000043, 0xD94B2000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    okay.. maybe i should be more specific.

    I have a windows xp pro
    its around 6 years old.
    and it keeps restarting...

    but anyway...
    the code means something. i wanna know what it means.

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    Re: Bad Pool Caller Blue Screen

    I just have few questions. Can anyone please tell me what does "same deal" means, as stated by bozobuddy? Also does anyone know what is the Windows version the OP is using and what he did to possible cause this problem?

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