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Thread: Unknown File in Windows Temp

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    Unknown File in Windows Temp

    I am running Windows XP with SP3. There is a file with me in C:Windows\Temp which is listed as WFV2.tmp. It is about 35 mb in size and cannot be deleted in normal windows mode. After restarting in safe mode, it is not listed there? I have run a scan with McAfee in Windows and in DOS with the SuperDat. It also doesnt show any infection. Does anyone know what program might be uzilizing this file so that it cannot be deleted. Please help.

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    RE: Unknown File in Windows Temp

    The file names mean very little usually, since you and malware can change the file names easily. It might be suspicious though that it either moved or change its name, so I would suggest you run a couple of the online scanners in Safe mode with networking to help McAfee in finding out that you system is clean or not?

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    Re: Unknown File in Windows Temp

    I have found out that C:\Windows\Temp folder is a temporary folder to store your files. You dont have to save any files in this folder. You can also clear out all file in this folder if you want. After that find Ccleaner and schedule routine clear out of all Temm folders.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. It seems that the file in question was indeed created by the latest McAfee scanning engine.

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