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Thread: Event ID: 1041 Event Source: Userenv

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    Event ID: 1041 Event Source: Userenv

    Does anyone knows about the error userenv. I am not able to find a proper information on the same. I am getting a big series of problem on my pc and I a not able to find any solution for the same. Can anyone here help me to locate the solution for the problem. I hope this would be not a big issue. I am actually worrying about the major dll files. I hope they are not damaged. I am in need of finding solution for the problem. Thanks in advance.

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    You are just giving so less information. How would someone be able to help you. It is essential that you must explain in detail about the problem you are facing. If your system is working fine then you can simply ignore the problems. That will be not a big issue. But if there is a bit problem with system performance then it is a matter of worry. At that point you will need to run system restore. That is a temporary fix but surely helpful in dealing with the problem you are facing.

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    It looks like some kind of registry bug to me. It is better if you simply run a good registry cleaner software in your pc. I am sure that will be more helpful. Just run a good registry cleaner like CCleaner and then check back. That will help you more in fixing problem associated with pending registry files. It is correct that unless your system is working fine you do not need to worry much. But if your system is not working well then simply run a repair windows setup.

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    Re: Event ID: 1041 Event Source: Userenv

    Run windows update and then see what you get. It is essential that you must keep on performing windows update which will give you more fixes. It is one of the best way to patch the system and fix the problem you are facing. Most commonly this kind of issue appear due to some incompatible applications in your pc. It is essential that you simply remove them if not needed. Just run a repair setup of windows and I sure that will help you fix the problem.

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    Is there any Event ID 1041 messages. Just check that and then see. Also you can try installing and removing some recently installed software's. That might also fix the issue you are facing. The error that is listed in event viewer can be due to various reason. It is right that registry bugs are quiet common due to which you land in such kind of troubles. It is simply recommended that you must simply re-install windows and then test back.

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    You are going to be editing the registry so incase anything goes wrong you should backup the registry:

    1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
    3. Make sure the tree on the left is closed five (5) folders with + in front of them.
    4. On the File menu, click Export.
    5. In the Save in box, select a location where you want to save the .reg file, desktop is a good location. In the File name box, type a file name, and then click Save.

    If the wrong thing was deleted go in safe mode and click that file on your desktop. When all is good you can delete that file.

    With the folders in the tree on the left all closed up high light My Computer.
    Click on edit choose find, fill in your class error :

    Hit find next button. When you find that entry and nothing is on the right pane hit the delete key yes to conferm. Hit f-3 key until you see the finished searching the registry window If you have any other class errors close the tree again (left arrow does a fast job) click on the + in front of My computer and close any others that might be open. Click on edit choose find, fill in your class error. When don Ex out of regedit. Go back in event viewer right click on application choose "clear all events."

    I wrote this so my 90 year old grandmother can understand this, that way everyone can.


    I think that's what I posted in other words ... I said that already..


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    Re: Event ID: 1041 Event Source: Userenv

    Terry - thank you for that clear and helpful reply, I had no idea why I was getting that error message, but I had recently uninstalled MSIE8 (too many whistles and bells for my taste), so all is now clear to me.
    I found just one entry for that registry key and have deleted it (after backing up the registry) - hopefully all is now well.
    Thanks again - Richard

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    Re: Event ID: 1041 Event Source: Userenv

    I was able to simply search for that specific alpha numberic key in the registry, and compared to all other entries in that region of the registry, this was the only one that only showed 'default' as the value. I simplly deleted the key and on reboot, the 1041 errors were gone....NO IE8 REINSTALL was needed as it is a piece of crap!!


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