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Thread: Saving Settings Takes Too Long

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    Saving Settings Takes Too Long

    When I was trying to shut down then before that, I was getting a blue screen error that was saying that my setting are being saved. Since last few weeks, it has been takning 4 minutes or so to finish. What settings could it be saving? Is it happening because of firefox issue? I have already installed Ccleaner but it didnt help me out? Can anyone please help. Thanks.

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    Re: Saving Settings Takes Too Long

    Have you installed Windows XP SP3 or some earlier version? It could be related to that possibly. Anyhow, you can try the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service and see if that works.

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    Re: Saving Settings Takes Too Long

    I dont think that the registry needs to be cleaned. It will not solve the issue for you but it can create new issues. What you are getting is common and might be the result of some applications that are not allowing Windows to shut down properly. You do close all open applications before shutting down, arent you? Have you checked whether you are free from malware? Also check whether the automatic updates are not set to install at shutdown?

    Check the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service is an effective work-around:

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    Re: Saving Settings Takes Too Long

    I have now installed it and then noticed a UPHC.exe in the processes list. But it has not solved the issue for me. There doesnt looks to be a log file in the UPHClean directory, just a readme and the .exe file. So do you have any other suggestions? I have the Service Pack 3 installed and I have closed all open windows at shutdown time but I leave stuff in the status bar, like the antivirus software open. Thanks.

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    Re: Saving Settings Takes Too Long

    Well, can you try to check the readme doc that explains a method for tracking which process is causing the slowdown.

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    I was just doing somethings when I accidentally shut down the ZoneAlarm Security Suite before I shutdown the computer. After that saving the settings and shutdown took only fractions of a second. Thanks for the help.

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    You are correct about ZoneAlarm! I did an update to version 8.0 and thereafter, it took my XP pc a full 10 minutes to shut down and a random long time to boot up. Shutting ZoneAlarm off before shutting XP down and the shut down only takes less than a minute.

    Today I removed ZA ver. 8.0 and re-installed ver. 7.? and the operation is back to normal.

    The second time I've had problems with ZoneAlarm. Am testing AVG on my Vista pc to see how it's going to perform.


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