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Thread: "error" refefrenced memory at "0x00000001"; instructions "0x77e76f

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    "error" refefrenced memory at "0x00000001"; instructions "0x77e76f

    Whenever I am trying to open WINDOWS XP-Winodws (Office 2003) I am getting the below blue screen error message, Can you please help me?

    INSTRUCTIONS AT "0x77e76f35"referenced memory at "0x00000001". The memory could not be "read".
    click on OK terminate programme
    click on cancel Debug programme

    Well I am not able to fix it, nothing happens the blue screen messages comes again and again when I turn on the PC. How I can resolve this ? Can you please help me?

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    RE: "error" refefrenced memory at "0x00000001"; instructions "0x77e76f

    Follow the below instruction suggested.

    1. Tap F8 key when your PC starts, select safe mode or enter xp as administrator.
    2. When your XP, right click on my computer, properties, advance, performance, virtual memory, change button set C: to "Let system manage" click set 2x, close out restart pc start normal.

    You may also have memory problems, 1024MB of Ram is required for XP & Office. Try to install more memory in your system or test the memory, check with this utility tool. Please check the below link. Download and install to MS DOS formatted floppy, boot pc to floppy CD version is also available for the same.

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